Saturday, September 10, 2011

Little House in the Village

I've moved! Last June, a family from school offered to sublet their pool house/guest house to teachers. Since Rachel and I are the only two foreign hire single girls, the administration kindly offered the three bedroom, two bath house to us. Now I have a house, a roommate and a 30 minute commute to work!

One of the reasons I started this blog was to show my family and friends daily life in Eastern Europe. Here is a snapshot of where and how I'm living, as seen through my eyes.

There are a few public transportation options. Either we can take the metro or the marshruka,bus, to work. I've walked home a few times and that takes about 55 minutes. Our metro stop is the last on the line. Just outside of the metro, there is a rather large market that sells anything from lighters to shoes. This path, below, is a path we take from the grocery store. It's entrance is marked by a Soviet statue commemorating World War II.

I walk along quiet little streets, void of sidewalks, but filled with friendly stray dogs. The night sky is painfully beautiful. Stars are visible making me forget that a city of 4 million (or so) is just a metro ride away.
What's this? An actual functioning well! There is often a line of people drawing water from it on a daily basis. Don't worry. We get our water delivered. There is also a mill to grind grain just down the road a bit.
Ta-Da! The main house!

Up the walk to the Pool House. Boy, it's good to be home!
These butterflies love the marigolds!
First floor of the house: Fire place, pool and bathroom.

A homey, delightful kitchen, with a beautiful window for growing plants!

Light! I'm so excited! These skylights just might help to brighten those dreary days of winter. Both couches pull out so there is room for lots of company! (Who would also brighten those dreary days of winter.)
I picked this room because it has a lot of great natural light. I also liked the slanted ceilings. It makes it feel lofty. Unfortunately, the headboard isn't fabulous, but really, I'm not picky! Little did I realize that last year, I slept on a box spring with no mattress. This bed is almost too comfortable. It's hard for me to get up in the morning.
Guest bedroom and clothes drying room.

There are so many rooms in the pool house, and the family had so many guests, that they numbered the rooms. Rachel is in room number 3.

Thanks for taking the tour! I'm anticipating plenty of parties (80s party next week!), friends and coziness in this Little House in the Village.