Thursday, July 31, 2014


"If adventures will not befall a young lady in her own village, she must seek them abroad."  
Jane Austen

And so she sought adventure. Then, after five years abroad, this young lady moved back to her own village.  What happens next?  What happens when the adventure is over and the single young lady finds herself in the middle of suburban America?  She buys a car, a mattress, and (gulp) a home. She enjoys every single family celebration.  She embraces friendships that she had neglected for sixteen years.  She becomes involved with her local church.  She wallows in what she had and left behind...  

I have been home a year and yes, it has been a good full year.  However, the wallowing sneaks up in times of loneliness (I can't help missing the community that I was once a part of, both in Albania and Ukraine).  It also sneaks up as I'm scrolling through Pinterest and come across amazing travel adventures that are no longer affordable.  Must I accept that my life was once full and will never be so again?  No!  

As much truth that there is in this Jane Austen quote, I do not believe that it is absolute truth.  Maybe adventure doesn't just "befall."  The truth is, a young lady should seek it whether she is abroad or in her mundane little village.  Seek is a present-tense verb, which implies that one should live in the here and now.  This is my pledge for the upcoming school year:  I will seek adventure.  It may be as simple as discovering a new winery that speaks to my Pinot loving palate, or as complex as learning a new skill (paddle boarding, anyone?).  These stories may not have the charm and excitement that European Travels had.  I do hope that they will encourage others (whether they are single or married) to find adventure in their own hometown.  One day, perhaps, adventurers may go abroad again (or maybe dart over to a neighboring state) but for now, let's seek the adventure in our own villages.