Sunday, November 16, 2008

Marine Corps Ball

I thought I'd start with my favorite picture. As usual, I sort of forgot about my camera during the course of the evening. Silly me. Anyhow, the Marine Corps Ball was a ton of fun! Sarah, Tracey, Katie and I had pedicures in the afternoon (very clean, I assure you! I've had worse in America). Our, meaning the three of us in the apartments, water was out for most of the day. The worse case scenario was to shower at the school (my school house has a tub). Luckily, two hours before we left for the ball, the water tanks were refilled and we could be clean. Honestly, I've never appreciated a shower so much in my life...I should probably mention that Sarah and I had spent the morning cleaning up the field with the school community.

The Marine Ball was rich in tradition. Really, though, it felt like a wedding reception. There was cake and speeches, dancing and dinner. (I even wore the bridesmaid's dress from my cousin Kim's wedding! Good job picking a dress that was re-wearable after eight years!) I did see the cake cut with a sword and the oldest Marine received the first piece. The Ambassador to Albania came and introduced himself to our table. I guess our director has been working closely with him as we attempt to build a new school.
I went shopping with Sarah and Katie before our pedicures. They were doing last minute shoe shopping and I love shoes, so I went to offer advice. They got these suckers on sale for 1,000 leke which is $10. Sarah was ready to throw her shoes away by the end of the evening and Katie's shoes were actually two different colors (one had been the display shoe in the shop window and had faded). These are very typical of shoes Albanian girls wear everyday...morning, noon or night!

Happy Birthday Marine Corps!


Chris said...

What fun you are having. When do you do your lesson plans? :-) I think you might need a walking stick to pick your way through the construction debris OR perhaps one of those Marines could be assigned as an escort!

Jennifer said...

Wow Holly! What can I say, but that looks like another wonderful experience. Can't wait to see you when you get home.