Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spring Day

Newsflash! Yesterday, for the first time ever in Albania, I did not fall on a hike! It was amazing. The curse, hopefully, has lifted and I'll be able to walk like any coordinated human being. Let's hope.

It was a gorgeous day for a hike. The ground was still wet and muddy, but the blossoms were starting to poke out from branches. It was "Spring Day," the Albanian celebration of spring. Government offices are closed tomorrow in honor of the day. I really can't think of a better way to celebrate than to hike and see spring in action. I love hiking because not only do you see the changing seasons, but you get to enjoy people.

Hetty, the computer teacher, was hiking with us for awhile. I asked her what she is doing for spring break. She said she's going to Holland. "How nice, I said, you'll be able to see your kids." Her "kids" are in college. Hetty replied, "Not only them, Holly. I'm going to visit my mother who is turning 85 during spring break. She doesn't get around so well." This got me thinking about my grandfather who turns 81 this year. I shared that Grandpa and Lilly are on a cruise through the Panama Canal. I want to be like him!

A handsome young Albanian man introduced himself to Tracey and me. Tracey asked, "What do you do?" He's what everyone is, who is under the age of 35... a lawyer. He's in business law. Anyhow, as soon as he found out that we're teachers and that we know things, he stopped and waited for other girls to catch up. I think men are intimidated by our intelligence!

Another fun hashing buddy was Hannah. Hannah is in the seventh grade and is one of Tracey's earth science students. She is also a swimmer. Hannah's mom was the long term sub for the 6 year old class, this past fall. If all middle school students were like Hannah, I'd quit elementary school teaching in a flash. (Hannah is a bookworm, so I can relate). I really think that raising children overseas, tends to mature them at a quicker rate than their American peers. The third culture kids I've worked with are so sure of their identity and have such an interesting perspective of "home." Home is family, not a place.

I love spring and the promise of summer. Happy belated Spring Day!
One of my favorite hiking buddies of all... Tracey!

P.S. Sorry to report that I didn't go to the Groom's Party like I had anticipated.... four hours with a drunk landlord did not sound like too much fun! Next year, there will be other weddings to blog about!

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