Thursday, October 16, 2008

Dajti Part Dy

I really don't know what made me think that this was a good idea. We took a 5, turned 7 hour, hike over a ridge to Mount Dajti. It was by far the most intense hike that I have ever done. It wasn't a walk in the park. One of our friends, Berti, assured me that I could do it and that it was mainly flat. I've decided not to trust him, actually. The good news is, I didn't hurt myself too badly. I did fall on my bum and have two nice size matching bruises. I also ripped my pants and broke a few finger nails. The Albanian mountains are beautiful and I'm so glad that I participated. However, I think I'll stick with Hash hikes in the future!

We began the adventure by walking through a rock quarry. You can see it at the bottom. Tracey and I entertained ourselves by singing the sound track to Sound of Music. It seemed fitting since we were "high on a hill" and acting like goats. One of the Albanian boys didn't appreciate our singing and started playing Albanian music. (We actually know this kid from dance class. Sarah has christened him "Mr. Cool Guy." ) I think the Germans loved our yodeling, though.
Awe, autumn color. So pretty! Actually, I got a little color myself. It's been really warm. If it had been raining, we wouldn't have attempted this hike. I shudder to think of the outcomes. At one point we literally climbed down the side of the mountain hand over hand. The German guy answered his cell phone just after I had climbed down. Sarah had to ask him to get off the phone before he helped her. Ridiculous.
Tracey and Florian are back wearing red. Florian was helping Tracey find specimen for her biology class. Plenty of flora and fauna!
We ended up at the same place we had started hiking the week before. This time, we took the cable car down, just in time for sunset. (This picture turned out rather well considering the plexi glass wasn't that clean.) Really, it was a wonderful way to spend a Sunday. I think I have a better appreciation of God's greatness and my human weakness.


Melinda said...

good heavens young lady! what were you thinking!!?? congrats on the big hike, acually it sounds like a huge trek, one for the record books... the Sound of Music soundtrack concert sounds like a nice touch! Have a great Friday,
Love, Melinda

Janelle said...

Love it Holly! You are having such adventures.

Andrea said...

Holly, I love your blog and I love seeing all your adventures and the WORLD through your eyes! I feel like I can hear your voice when reading your words and I love it! MIss you!!!

Michelle (aka mybelle101) said...

Good golly, Miss Holly!! That looks like *quite* a hike...your mom says you need to get some better shoes if you're going to keep this up. ;) That last photo looks like you're descending into nothing but clouds! It is absolutely gorgeous, though...I'm glad you take pictures!

Chris said...

You realize, of course, that you are in training for the next FCC Half Dome hike. And you do need to get some hiking shoes. I got mine after a fall on my bum.