Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Unmarked Trail

Today started out as a normal hash hike. The plan was to go to the cave that we had visited in November. I don't think any of us were overjoyed about visiting the same place twice when there is so much that we haven't seen. However, we were given options. Once at the cave we could either go in or proceed on to the "runner's trail." By the time we reached the cave, I had fallen three times, even with my new hiking shoes. My confidence level was really very low. Florian was leading another group down the hill (what the three of us girls thought was the runner's trail). I decided that I would walk back with other people and just visit the cave again. Someone had said that the alternative trail was very slippery and muddy and I figured I needed to be wise. Sarah turned to me and said, "Holly you did the seven hour Djati hike, you can do this." She's so good at encouraging me. So, I began the tree to tree descent down the trail with the rest of my friends. Slowly, it dawned on me. There was no flour that marked the path. We were headed into uncharted territory. We were not on the runner's trail.
The view of the waterfall made the initial climb down so worthwhile and was such a promise of beauty to come. The entire path was indeed slippery and muddy. I knew that going slowly and watching for adequate foot placement was the key... also holding tightly to my friends' hands when necessary. At one point Tracey asked if tonight I was going to thank God for the trees that we were all grabbing onto. I said that I already was thanking God for planting the trees right where we needed them.

We reached this photo opportunity place after the rock slide that Florian led me down. It was actually such a fun journey sliding down the side of a mountain with stones falling down, but also preventing a fall. Imagine snow boarding without the snow and the equipment. I was so thankful for my Keen shoes!
The last stage of our hike led us down by the river. We had to rock climb down. No injuries and it was so fun! We were walking through an area that had a pool of water in it. We were supposed to straddle the water and walk on the slippery rocks. I was managing just fine until one foot slipped and then the other. I absolutely love water and didn't mind at all. It was the water's way of calling to me! My dad had suggested that I stand in water to really get the shoes to form to my feet. Guess I took care of that today!
Yes, it was a muddy and slippery trail. My jeans can attest to that. I've never seen a dirty pair in my life. If you are going to have an adventure...make it big!

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Melinda aka Passionfruit said...

boy, that was some adventure! YOu would've earned 2 badges for that one if you were still a Girl Scout! Thanks for letting us live vicariously thru you and your adventures!