Tuesday, September 9, 2008


My paraprofessional (teacher's aid), Egla, is a fabulous person. She is also magical person, I swear. Today, one of our students was showing his stubborn side (rolling on the floor then refusing to participate) and she gave him a hug. What to my wondering eyes should appear, but a happy student with a great big smile on his face. See. Magic. This afternoon, Egla's friend, Oyliana, came over to see what the "girls" were doing after school in the 5 year old classroom. The three of us ended up talking for a while. It made me think of Katie and Kandace back at Berkshire. Anyhow, they shared how Albanian girls live at home until they get married. Then, it's usually an arranged marriage. They both had boys knocking at their parents' doors when they were 16 years old. And it wasn't to ask for a date. Now that they are 24, they are determined to get married when they are good and ready to the man of their choice. I sat thinking for awhile and said, "I don't know if I'm completely against arranged marriages." They both simultaneously said, "What?!" "Well, said I, It's such a pain looking and it would be far easier to have someone else do the work for you." Egla said, "Holly, just go and talk to Oyliana's mother and you'll be married in no time." She is so funny! They agreed that they might be more open to an arranged marriage if they were creeping closer to 30 too. I asked the girls if their parents would limit the arranged marriage to only people who share their religious beliefs. "Oh, no. That doesn't matter, as long as they have some belief, it's fine." Isn't that interesting? This is coming from girls who are currently fasting. They did say that their parents would have a problem with someone from Africa or Asia. Apparently, recently the first Albanian/Chinese wedding took place with a news crew on site. Their families don't want that for the girls. I think they are both eager to see Albania change. Anyhow, just something I wanted to share. But believe me, I don't think I'll be jumping on board the arranged marriage love boat any time soon!!!


Melinda said...

interestng angle on the "as long as they have some sort of belief", especially from fasting girls. What a way you have with words, please write a book!

aprilmae said...

Love all of it! I am so glad you made the hats! I am always running out of time though - I have no idea how I will finish everything in one year.

Skype date soon?

Michelle (aka mybelle101) said...

I second Melinda! You should write a book...think of all the things you could put in it!!

I'd say 'no' to the arranged marriage...you'll definitely find someone! No need to settle for some guy knocking at your parents' door (or Oyliana's!) ;)