Saturday, August 23, 2008

Bits and Pieces

I thought you might like to see a few shots of everyday life. I haven't been good at taking pictures of random things that make me laugh. I fully intend on having my camera handy the next time I see cows grazing in the field behind my apartment! Today is a quiet Saturday. The beach trip fell through so I'm taking it easy. I have every intention of doing some work...later!
This is the view of the lake in the park. The park is wonderful. Not only does it have a lake, but it also has a ton of restaurants, walking trails (though you have to be aware of the Albanian soccer players running by), monuments, evergreen trees, adorable grandparents on park benches, and (not part of the wonder of it all) stray dogs. I should have taken a picture of the monument. It is an Albanian salute to the British soldiers who gave their lives during WWII in Albania. Please come to see it!
I just now realized how dark some of these pictures are. Oh, well. I have been eating a ton of Greek salad... and I'm not sick of it yet! I buy the veggies in the local outdoor markets. The feta is also local. It comes straight from the big vat full of feta and water. The shop keeper even let me taste a sample. Yummm! I eat some form of feta daily. I definitely exceed the recommended 5 servings of fruits and vegetables! The grapes on the balcony are from the grapevine growing off the side. You have to lean over to pick them, but it's worth it! Have I mentioned I like the lifestyle here? Food glorious food!
The man in the picture is an expat from Norway. His name is Chele (spelling is a problem). He has a single son arriving in Tirana next week. He showed us a picture. Ha. Chele's lived in Tirana for 15 years and has so many stories to tell. For instance, he was here during the '97-'98 civil war. The expats were evacuating the city. Chele and his wife chose to stay. His friend, the Albanian police director stopped by his house to give him a machine gun and several rounds of amunition. Amazing. Anyhow, we went to the Sky Club for our first taste of raki. I can't say that it was delicous, but it did give me tingly lips. Raki is a spirit made from grapes. I could probably get used to it, if I wanted to. The Sky Club rotates 360 degrees and has glorious city views. It was really posh. Another place I'll take any Albania visitors!!!


Team Widner said...

Very cool! It's simple outings and pictures like you've been doing that will make your trip...also meeting different people! I'm becoming more and more jealous! = )

Melinda said...

sounds fun, Holly! I am loving your blog-living somewhat vicariously through your younger-than-me self!

Matt said...

i gotta say, i am really glad you got a good camera before you left, even if you hate it and thing the pictures are to dark, the look amazing... and i think it has a lot do with having a nice camera... keep them coming.