Saturday, August 9, 2008

Ode to the Oregonians

This is a long overdue post. My dad's four siblings live in Oregon with their spouses. This June, as is my custom, I went up for a quick visit. Besides visiting with aunts and uncles, I also visited my cousin Kim and her family and my Great Aunt Dena. I have a few things to say to the Oregonians.
(Ok, so I got a little bit's a stage I'm going through....)

Aunt Kathi and Uncle Ed: Thanks, Aunt Kathi, for playing hooky and driving down to southern Oregon! That, I believe, has been among my favorite surprises. Thanks for your good, sound advice last summer. My talks with you two were a definite turning point on how I view my life and my career. Here's to being extraordinary!

Uncle Jim and Aunt Carol: Practice hospitality and you do! I always feel at home on the ranch. I must say that I do enjoy staying at your "Bed and Breakfast." I can't wait for next summer and more shopping know I'll be back!

Uncle Ron and Aunt Kit: I have to tell you that one of my best summertime memories was when we all went to that small Italian restaurant with the outdoor seating. It was so relaxed, homey and delicious (not to mention hilarious). It was family time at its finest! Thank you for your prayers and support. You know my weaknesses, but you also know my source of strength.

Uncle Andy and Aunt Willie: I never get to spend enough time with you. That's the sad part. Luckily, I appreciate any time with you. Maybe you can come to Europe in the next year or two? I'll meet you anywhere!

Aunt Dena: She is THE model for the Greatest Generation. What 94 year old woman do you know who has her own g-mail account? I love your stories, Aunt Dena, your sense of humor, and your faith.
Aunt Dena with her art work.

Kim, Matt, Kassidy & Abby: Ok, it's so fun watching your girls grow. Thanks, cousin, for being my friend. I always feel close to childhood when I'm around you. I know it's because of the mischievous days we spent together growing up!

Kim and I wore smatchy matchy clothes when we were younger....we couldn't resist.

To the rest of the clan: I think about you often and I promise to keep in touch! (Kevin and Jody have made the staying in touch especially easy!)

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Kathi said...

Thanks for your nice comments Holly. Your Dad taught me about blogging! We also now have fast internet which helps. Ed and I just laughed so hard reading your laundry story! Keep writing, its wonderful.