Friday, August 1, 2008

Santa Barbara Weekend

Ahhh. Santa Barbara. A perfect spot to catch up with Westmont friends!
Kristyn, Angelica (one of my former roommates), Holly and Marya hanging out on State Street. I love this town! It was different hanging out as tourists, not as college students.

Long story: Basically I arrived early in SB and hurt my foot. I got the great idea of buying supportive shoes so I could actually walk. Finally, I decided on these million dollar shoes. Miraculously, I could walk....however the shoes caused MAJOR blisters. Marya recommended that I get skin graphs to heal the blisters.

Our second tasting room! I think we were all feeling pretty happy afterward. (And I felt no pain!) This was the Santa Barbara Winery. I enjoyed their wine, but I think the other girls like Kalyra.

Of course, Aimee had us perfectly posed for our shot at the Westmont fountain.
This picture only took 12 attempts! I'm pretty proud that I finally got it! This is the Westmont prayer chapel. It's always been one of my favorite places.

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