Sunday, August 24, 2008

My Backyard

Mom wanted more pictures. Here are a few that I took on the way back from church. This first picture is of the "field" that I cross. It's the short cut that leads into a shopping area and also connects to the main road, which is very busy and hotter (in my opinion!). My shoes are quite dusty from this daily trek. The white building you see to the left is my apartment building. Underneath the apartments is the soccer field. Of course I use the term, field, loosely! You see kids practicing and playing pick up games constantly. They also burn their trash in this field.
I forgot about the view finder setting on my camera! However, that white dot you see is in fact a horse grazing in the field. A man was standing close by so I didn't want to act like I was taking a picture of the horse. I was afraid that the horse was his and he might want some lek for the picture.


Janelle said...

Great backyard... I just love all of your posts and picts! Miss ya.

Dolores said...

Hi Holly,

Thanks for posting more pictures. One question where are the cows?

aprilmae said...

Holly, love all the pics and stories! Good luck tomorrow - you will do great! I will write a longer email this weekend - I am already exhausted after 3 days!

fijimama said...

Hi Holly! It looks like you're on a grand adventure, what fun :) I looked for you on facebook without luck, and then googled you....and here you are! I'm in Fiji with my husband and four kids. Please write when you get a chance-

Hugs, Lindy (Martinez) Stice
"Clark P" !